How to teach your child to jump rope

How to teach your child to jump rope

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An accomplished jump rope coach demonstrates how to teach your child to jump rope in six easy steps.

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Kia: That's cool!

Jump rope instructor Buddy Lee: Hi, I'm Buddy Lee, your personal jump rope training coach.

Parents, I'm going to teach you how to teach your kids the right way to jump. The right way is low impact, safe, and a lot of fun.

Jump rope is considered to be the perfect exercise and the building block to fitness. It's simple, inexpensive, portable… To get started, all you need is a jump rope, some guidelines, and motivation.

Step one: Choose the right spot – a wide open space, with a flat surface that has some cushion to absorb impact. And as an alternative, you can use a driveway or the sidewalk.

Now this is a good spot. It has open space, it has no obstructions, and it's great for jumping.

Step two: Choose a rope that you can customize, so that you can adjust it to your child's height. The way you do that is by taking the rope. Stand on the center with both feet.

Lee: It'll be just right for your height.

Pull the handles along the side until the top of the handles extend past the shoulders.

Lee: Good job, Kia!

Step three: Now it's time for the correct jump rope posture.

Have your child stand upright, look straight ahead while jumping, relax the arms to the side, at 45 degree angles and thumbs facing out and balancing their weight on the balls of their feet, at shoulder width apart.

This is the correct position for jump roping.

Now for shadow jumping: Let's teach 'em how to take off and land properly.

Lee: Ready. Jump. Just push off the balls of the feet. Look straight ahead and make small circles with the wrist. Turn that wrist, turn that wrist, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn.

Shadow jumping includes turning the rope to one side of the body and simulating the jumping movement.

Teach them how to coordinate the rope swing for the perfect jump.

Step five: We are going to teach your child how to swing the rope. Thumb goes on top. Very good.

Rest the rope behind the knees. Practice swinging the rope to form a nice even arc.

Lee: There you go.

Repeat this movement for timing and rhythm to coordinate the rope swing for the perfect jump.

Lee: Jump.

Kia: Ow!

Lee: No pain, no gain. That's the making of a champion.

Now, let's put it all together.

Lee: Starting position. There you go. And jump.

Lee: Nice, Kia! You're getting better!

Remember, parents, the key to jumping is one step at a time.

Kids may get discouraged, but with practice, patience, and perseverance… they'll be jumping in no time.

Kia: Yay! Yay!

Lee: Hey, you're doing it!

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