Best and worst pregnancy symptoms (Mom Confidential)

Best and worst pregnancy symptoms (Mom Confidential)

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Along with food cravings and frequent urination, moms share pregnancy symptoms that they didn’t expect, like unbelievable cleavage, hair loss, and glowing skin.

Learn more about pregnancy symptoms.

Sarah Bernard is BabyCenter’s Pop Culture & Lifestyle contributor. She covers parenting, health, fitness, fashion, and trends of all kinds. She lives in New York City with her husband and twin girls.

Thanks to moms Lydia, Willow, Raquel, Marne, Kate, Nicci, Heena, and Abbie.

Video by: Sarah Bernard

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Sarah Bernard: Cravings out of nowhere. Having to pee right after you've just peed, and seeing your stomach move, even though you are not the one moving it – 45 percent of our site moms said it was the weight gain that bothered them the most. But there are some other symptoms that we don't talk about as much.

Woman 1: Well, not to be too graphic, but my boobs got huge.

Woman 2: The most surprising is definitely my nipples. They just got very large and very dark and it was slightly terrifying.

Woman 3: My nipples are massive and a little dry.

Woman 1: Like I figured after nursing that would happen, but yeah, I had to buy new bras once a month. I was already pretty well endowed, so I went from like a double D to an H. Yeah.

21 percent of our site moms say they like having more cleavage.

Woman 4: I love the way my belly grew. I love not having to wear Spanx.

Woman 5: Oh, it's awesome to feel the kid moving inside you. That's just amazing. I think that's the best part.

Woman 6: I loved everything about pregnancy. I even loved the morning sickness, because I'd had a miscarriage before I had my son and so I was like, “Argh, I feel like crap. Awesome, still pregnant.”

41 percent say they feel good about their changing pregnant body … It's all for a great cause.

Woman 2: My hair didn't get flowier and thicker volume and my skin wasn't glowing, which was kind of disappointing. I also got a weird hair on my chin a little bit, which has gone now, thank goodness.

47 percent say their belly is getting furry.

Woman 7: Yeah, I did like my hair when I was pregnant. It was pretty good hair.

Sarah Bernard: What changed about it?

Woman 7: It was just thicker, fuller, I know.

Sarah Bernard: I never got that.

Woman 7: Yeah, it was really great. No, I won't lie to you. I didn't like pregnancy at all. I'm not fun to talk to.

Sarah Bernard: No, you are.

Woman 7: I was so tired. I was so tired.

Woman 8: The hair, actually, the hair's amazing, and then all of a sudden now, it's like falling.

Woman 9: No better nails, no better hair, nothing like that.

Woman 8: I guess the heartburn. My stomach, I'd have to scratch it so much towards the end.

Woman 9: I got very burpy and I did not know that was going to happen.

22 percent say their skin (acne and splotchiness) is their biggest issue.

Woman 7: I mean, my advice for pregnancy is, take radical care of yourself. And say no when you need to say no, and go to sleep when you need to go to sleep if you can. Just take unending, graceful care of yourself.

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