What is a doula?

What is a doula?

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Watch this live birth video to see a real doula in action, using techniques for easing pain, providing comfort, and helping her clients have a positive birth experience.

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What is a doula?

A doula is a labor coach who provides physical and emotional support during childbirth.

Nancy: A doula takes the role of giving comfort measures to mothers and helping them try to get through birth in a natural way, if that's their birth preference, and [have] the experience they want to have…

A doula's services can be helpful in both medicated and unmedicated births.

Nancy: … and try not to have intervention, or if they do, provide different types of comfort measures as well. So from breathing to movement to different positions to massage, acupressure, acupuncture, all those things that doulas can provide.

Doulas advocate for their client's birth preferences during labor and delivery.

Nancy: We make the hospital aware of what their birth preferences are and help them achieve those goals with their birth preference.

Most doula-client relationships begin a few months before the baby is due.

Jackie: I'm getting nauseous.

Niles: Yeah?

Jackie: I think I'm going to throw up.

Niles: Okay.

Jackie: Oh, that smells good.

Nancy: Peppermint oil. It helps upset stomach, nausea, [and] it can stop vomiting.

Jackie: That was like, whew, that was instantaneous.

Niles: Wow, look at that. That did the trick, didn't it?

Jackie: I've seen how much of an impact she can make on patients who really want to try to have a natural vaginal delivery.

The goal of a doula is to help the mother have a positive birth experience.

Jackie: With her acupressure and her massage and her aromatherapy, I mean…

Niles: And her moral support. All of the above.

Jackie: Yeah, just being here for me I think was really important.

See this family's live birth in its entirety: Our Site/live-birth-epidural

Video production by MEgTV.

Watch the video: 5 Things I Wish I Wouldve Known Before Becoming A Doula (May 2022).


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