Snacks for all occasions

Snacks for all occasions

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Snacks for all occasions

Presented by our site and Capri Sun

BEACH DAY = Sun-friendly snacks

  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Hummus and crackers
  • A refreshing drink (Capri Sun*)

* USDA-certified organic. All-natural Ingredients. No added sugar. (Not a low-calorie food.)

FIELD TRIP = DIY bento box

  • Fill cupcake wrappers with bite-size favorites

SOCCER PRACTICE = Energizing eats

  • Protein to fuel those muscles
  • Fruit for an energy boost
  • Don’t forget to hydrate

ROAD TRIP = Car-friendly fare

  • Sandwich sushi
  • No utensils needed

PICNIC PLAYDATE = Mason jar meals

  • Portable, space saving, and perfect for the tote

Presented by our site and Capri Sun

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