Parent recommendations: Transition to a sippy cup

Parent recommendations: Transition to a sippy cup

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Parent recommendations: Transition to a sippy cup
Presented by our site and Dr. Brown's

Fei: Since we started to use Dr. Brown's bottles, feeding time has been much easier.

2-in-1 transition bottle kit

Angela: When he was younger, he had reflux and colic and was very gassy. So the vent system made it so he got less gas in his system.

Benny: We tried a couple of different brands, and I could always hear the hissing sound of him sucking in air in between gulps. But for Dr. Brown's, I just don’t see it, like, I just don't hear that.

Cheers360 spoutless transition cup

Angela: Our feeding has improved with using the Dr. Brown's system, for sure. And especially the sippy cup.

Maritza: I was really amazed by the design of the 360 cup. I hadn't seen anything like it before.

Shane: He can drink from any side, it doesn't have to be lined up properly like most sippy cups.

Fei: It has only three components, so it's very easy to clean.

Shane: He actually figured it out before my wife and I did.

Fei: And the biggest advantage is it doesn't spill.

Maritza: Sometimes I'm not sure – since it's my first child – I don't know whether something is right or it's wrong. But seeing him eat and be happy while he's eating makes me feel accomplished.

Presented by our site and Dr. Brown's

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