'The King's Speech' Exposes Truths and Myths About Stuttering

'The King's Speech' Exposes Truths and Myths About Stuttering

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Children with stuttering do not have mental problems, they are not deaf, nor do they need our help to speak or at least to finish saying a word. Stuttering children need to be heard, understood, they need positive and optimistic support. This has been my conclusion after watching the movie The king's speech, which reveals some truths and myths about this speech difficulty, so misunderstood by society.

As we all know, stuttering is not a disease, it is one of the most common problems in speech therapy, affecting 1 percent of school-age children. It usually begins in childhood and is more common in boys. It is characterized by an interruption or lack of fluency in language. The stuttering child suffers from involuntary obstacles when speaking, prolongs and repeats sounds, syllables or words, and suffers blocks while chatting with someone. As the character of King George VI, brilliantly played by Colin Firfh says, stutterers are not stupid.

Just because your words don't come out the way they should, it doesn't mean that stuttering children are out of their minds. Unfortunately this is a great "burden" that they carry on their backs on a daily basis. Surely we have ever come across someone who stutters. I have had a classmate who stuttered so much that we sometimes had a hard time communicating with him. Children who stutter are teased, bullied at school, and what bothers them the most is when people tell them to calm down or breathe before speaking. Studies reveal that 5 percent of children start to stutter between the ages of 2 and 6, in full language learning. For these children, the Spanish Stuttering Foundation proposes an experimental program focused on the early treatment of this speech disorder, known as the Lidcombe method. Before judging people for their problems or difficulties, we should reflect on how we can help them, right? Although in the film it is clear that stuttering comes from a psychological problem, that is, from the anxiety and pressure that the king has experienced in his childhood, by his parents, scientists believe that stuttering is hereditary, that is that genes play a role in some cases. Some studies reveal that the causes focus on the structure of tissues in a region on the left side of the brain. I believe that whatever the cause, it does not remove the negative reactions that stuttering children experience. I hope this movie gives everyone a more realistic idea of ​​this problem and we can thus support those who live it. When we don't talk about the problems they swell up and get even bigger. Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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Video: The Crown. The Kings Speech Impediment. Netflix (July 2022).


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