Each child adds 9 months of contributions to your retirement

Each child adds 9 months of contributions to your retirement

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Do you think that the current retirement system in Spain is a comparative offense for women? When collecting the well-deserved retirement pension, several parameters come into play and most of them do not favor the woman's motherhood, except now that having a child can add 9 months of contributions to the mothers' retirement.

It remains to be seen whether these nine months can really be multiplied by the number of children, or else they will have a two-year limit, as has been commented. Thus, for example, a woman who has had four children would have the right to add 3 years of contributions to her retirement, a figure that may or may not be compensatory, depending on how we value the physical, family, social and economic effort of raising four suckers.

Although at the moment, it is only a proposal, the measure has transcended public opinion and the possibility that women can complement our contribution period based on the children we have had in order to be entitled to a better retirement pension is a good news, which brings us closer to Europe. If we compare ourselves with other countries, for example with France, we would still be far from reaching the two years that the French country counts for each child in its pension system. And it is that, in Spain, currently 15 years of contributions to Social Security are necessary to be entitled to collect the minimum retirement benefit. Therefore, if a woman has dedicated most of her life to caring for her children and has not been able to contribute for that minimum of years, she is left without that right. The problem is that due to the unsustainability of the pyramid retirement system it is possible that this minimum of 15 years will be extended to 20 or 25 years, since while today there are 4 workers per retiree, in 2050, each retiree will be supported by 1.6 workers. Along these lines, we should consider rewarding women for the increase in birth rates to solve problems of this type and help the sustainability of the pension system. The children of today will be the future contributors of tomorrow and the fact that a mother takes a leave of absence or voluntarily decides to retire temporarily to care for her baby also means considerable savings in breastfeeding leave, absences due to baby illnesses or public nurseries . Let's be realistic, For many mothers it is impossible to contribute 38.5 years to retire with 100% of the benefit at age 65. That means having worked continuously since the age of 26. The worst thing is that today, the average age with which a stable job is found is 30 years. According to these data, the majority of women in this country will not be able to collect the 2,500 euros cap. Marisol New.

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