The most curious births of 2010

The most curious births of 2010

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The year 2010 has left us a bunch of anecdotes and curiosities related to the birth of babies. The event would have nothing particular if it were not for the origin of his parents. They are both black and of Nigerian origin.

Doctors have ruled out that the girl was albino and, after conducting the relevant paternity tests, have found no explanation for this phenomenon, which it could be a genetic mutation. Being born with teeth is not common either, since the first tooth buds are usually visible on the gum from the fourth month of life. However, this has been the case with a baby who was born with two front teeth.

The birth was premature, it occurred before its time, specifically three weeks before the expected date of delivery, which is even more curious. It wasn't just buds, but two small, well-formed incisors. Two weeks after birth, the girl also had two molars. Another case that has caused talk, has been the discovery of pink blood in a one month old Chinese baby. Apparently, the girl was born without complications, but a few weeks later and after showing symptoms of discomfort, she was subjected to tests to check her health. After tests, doctors confirmed that the girl suffered from hyperlipidemia, lung infection, anemia and retinopathy. But, without a doubt, the news that has elicited the most comments among mothers has been the surprise delivery of british nurse 25 years old, who had already been the mother of a girl. She got into a hot bath to relieve what she thought were stomach aches and at the same time gave birth to a baby girl who weighed 3 kilograms and 200 grams. The nurse has stated that she did not know she was pregnant and that she came home from work because she was ill due to the pain she suffered. Do you think it is possible not to realize that you are pregnant? Does this last case seem real to you? Give us your opinion through our official page on Facebook. Marisol New.

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