Baby left for dead awakens in his mother's arms

Baby left for dead awakens in his mother's arms

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For believers, such as Jamie Ogg's parents, this fact is undoubtedly a miracle. Holding their baby in your arms, breathing and bursting with life on all sides, is something they did not expect when doctors, just two hours before, left him for dead after the baby was born prematurely at seven months of gestation and without showing signs of life.

I wonder what can be better for a newborn baby than the warmth of her mother's arms, the contact with her skin, hearing her voice and her heartbeat, feeling her love ... because it was in the midst of these circumstances that Jamie came back to life. When his parents, a young Australian couple, learned from doctors that their premature baby was showing no signs of life, they wanted to give the little one his first and last hug. Just two hours later, while he was still being caressed by his mother, the baby began to move and show signs of life.

During the hours that she was caressing her baby, the mother did not stop talking to him about what his name was, that he had a little sister, that he loved him and wanted to do many things with him. The mother came to offer breast milk with her finger. After that contact, the baby began to breathe regularly, to move his head and to open his eyes to the amazement of all, even a nurse who initially attributed the baby's movements to a reflex. Aside from feeling enormously grateful to God for this blessing, the father acknowledges that his wife's instinctual impulse was what brought his son back to life. If she hadn't done that, Jamie probably wouldn't be here. For science, this fact confirms the effectiveness of the kangaroo method that is being used in some hospitals mainly in the treatment of premature babies.

This method allows the mother to be all the time with her baby in her arms, instead of leaving it in an incubator, and even feeding it with breast milk. With its application, it is observed that both the heart rate, oxygenation and other physiological parameters of the baby remain within normal measures. What doctors did not contemplate until now is that the method would also work with babies left for dead. Facts like this only confirm the theory that a mother's love can generate not only a baby but also true miracles ...

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