Chilling adventures of 'Bat Pat' attract kids

Chilling adventures of 'Bat Pat' attract kids

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Fear no longer scares children, now fear causes them laughter and surprises. There are many readers who know the books of Bat Pat, bat, detective and writer, unusual tenant of the Silver family's attic.

Only in Spain, this series has already sold more than 340 thousand copies. Anyone who has had the opportunity to read one of his books will know that this friendly bat has as allies the three children of the family: the nerd Martín, the gluttonous Leo, and the animal lover Rebecca, and that he will even know that it What the curious animal likes the most in the world are mosquito cakes and unsolved mysteries. had the opportunity to interview Roberto Pavanello, the author of these mysterious adventures, already translated into five languages. According to him, the sales success of this series is due above all to the fact that children are attracted to scary stories. They are scary stories in which their own protagonists are also afraid. The bat is afraid, while children are the ones who face things greater than them, face them and solve them. Apart from that, the author has been able to make sympathetic an animal on which there are many damages and that nevertheless has a very important role in the natural world: fear accompanies everyone in life, and especially children . The point of the exciting Bat Pat stories is not to scare children, but to convince them that fears must be faced and overcome. In addition to the adventures, children will be able to find playful and educational activities in each book that will allow them to learn everything about bats, bats or vampires. Children's literature grows like leaves on trees in spring. And more and more books become very suitable tools for educating the little ones in the house. They are stories that remove fear, or that help children remove the diaper or pacifier, or that prevent sexual abuse or bullying, or that instill in them values, or that simply stimulate creativity and imagination. Reading is one of the habits that most educate and guide children.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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