Hotline against child pornography

Hotline against child pornography

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Unfortunately, the news about sexual abuse of minors is growing all over the world. On the Internet, this type of activity has seen a great increase in recent months. Child pornography grows indiscriminately, gratuitously, and escaping the controls of the law.

Remember that images of child pornography are derived from the suffering of thousands of children in many countries. Reporting them is essential to stop the perpetrators and protect children.

If you know or have heard of a website about child pornography, please do not stop reporting it. A verification will be carried out and it will be reported to the security forces. The information you provide will be treated with total and absolute confidentiality, and this contribution can be made completely anonymously.

Help our site fight child pornography.

Through this page you can help us eliminate any type of website that contains described content:

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