Children's stories to remove diapers

Children's stories to remove diapers

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1. I have pee!
Mo willems
This book tries to learn step by step to the child what to do since he feels this sensation of having pee. This big step that all children go through when they are ready to control their pee and therefore put off the diaper. The illustration is very attractive to children and has a high content of humor. But the most important thing is that he understands all the feelings of the child when making this great step from baby to child.

2. Poop. A natural history of the unspeakable
Sergi Cámera
Caca: a natural history of the unspeakable, is a natural history book about animal excrement and how through them we can learn many things about nature and the world around us. His texts, along with his drawings, very graphic and funny, give us a rigorous and entertaining vision of the fascinating world of poop. English zoologist Nicola Davies is the author of this fascinating book for all ages. Davies has worked in the BBC's Natural History Unit and was the host of The Really Wild Show on the same television network. She is an expert in animal behavior and enjoys writing books for children where she tries to explain the funniest or most curious aspects of everything she has learned throughout years of research. He has published many titles with Walker Books, mostly with illustrator Neal Layton.

3. I have pee
Emile Jadoul
Every night is the same. Leon wakes up wanting to pee. Then he calls his mom: Mom, Pee! Mama penguin gets up and takes Leon to the bathroom. Then Mama and Leon go back to bed. Many times, Leon wants to pee twice. Then, Leon calls his dad: Daddy, Pee! Every morning is the same. Dad and Mom are very tired.

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