Books about childhood sleep and insomnia

Books about childhood sleep and insomnia

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1. fall asleep child
Eduard Estivill Sancho, Sylvia de Béjar
35 percent of children under the age of five suffer from insomnia, that is, they fight at bedtime. The consequences are so evident in children that they become irritable, insecure and, in the long run, end up having problems relating to others, at school and with parents, who see how exhaustion and nerves end up damaging their married life . This book explains how to teach them to sleep well from the beginning.

2. The childhood dream. Practical Guide to Teaching Children to Sleep Well
Siobhan Stirling
Getting babies and young children into good sleep habits can be hard work for many parents. Although there are children more restless than others, with a little training you can educate the sleeping patterns of the little ones so that the whole family can rest. In this book you will find effective resources for children of any age, easy to adapt to the needs of each home.

3. Sleep baby
Beatrice hollyer
If a baby sleeps well, this fact should not be attributed to luck. Parents hold the key that makes this possible and this pioneering book shows how to harness the natural ability of the baby to get him to sleep through the night from his first weeks of life. Its pages describe a simple method that can be applied throughout childhood, so that nights plagued with interruptions never become a problem.

4. Bedtime stories
Eduard Estivill Sancho, Montserrat Domènech
This book is a compendium of stories aimed at offering parents a series of advice, guidelines and norms to deal with certain problems, doubts, bad habits, anxieties and specific questions that children may raise in the form of a story. Stories are so important in children's lives that we must be careful when selecting which ones to tell. A story is for them a parable of life.

5. Teach your baby to sleep
Various Authors
This book is based on techniques used at the Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic with a 97% success rate. Teach your baby to sleep offers a global vision to understand the mechanisms of sleep and what can alter them. In this way, parents can solve the sleep disorders of the baby and the child individually. In addition, the final chapter includes a series of techniques and particular cases to help solve any problem related to sleep in the most practical way.

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